We representatives of society shored up by Public Opinion enlightened Scientifically, but they are of Practice Experience Owners and Employers, understood and supported by Military and Priests - Academic and Political of Res-public, carrying the Disciplinary Hierarchical Order, which does not block nor the creativity or the development; not Anarchic Progress and an Order not retrograde, Social and Moral Well Good, meeting in the National Constituent Assembly, to create a Societocratic Republican State, to ensure the exercise of Social and Morals duties: Planetarium, Eastern West, through a domestic and individual project civil; Patriotic, freedom with responsibility, public safety, the Social and Ethics Well Good, the development of the subordination of egoism under Altruism, Rights under Duties; Analysis under Synthesis, the Progress under Order; the equal opportunity, justice as supreme values of a fraternal pluralist and unprejudiced society, founded on Positive Social harmony and in Scientific Moral Public Cause, committed to the domestic and international rank, to the peaceful settlement of disputes, ie, reconciling Order and Progress, guaranteeing Peace and Freedom, thus satisfying the fair solicitudes of CONSERVATIVE PARTY EMPLOYER and the worthy aspirations of the PROGRESSIVE PARTY - PROLETARIAN, always conciliatory in the facts, but inflexible in its principles, decreed and promulgate under the protection of the evolutionary past of Humanity, of Our Nation History and the Love reigns in heart each human being and from the Brazilian Families, the following Brazil Societocratic Federative Republic Police Constitution; configuring a BRAZILIAN CIVILIZATION.   


Principle Central Part